What future updates are coming out for the game?

We will be adding new chaptera with all new traps. Accessories. Game modes. 

What is Mummy Martyr?

Mummy Martyr can be explained in one sentence," You will lose your head!" You are a spirit sent down from the heavens that inhabits the bodies of mummy's. Your mission is to run, jump, flip, and slide through each level that is filled with decapitating and limb tearing traps; and at the end of each level you blow up to destroy the evil pharaohs statue, and free the people from his evil control. Help the gods, free the people, you are Mummy Martyr.

What are the features of the game?


  • You can lose your head and arms and keep going. You’re a Mummy, you are already dead
  • Use combos to run, jump, flip, slide and blowup to complete levels
  • 3 chapters, 45 levels, full of crazy limp tearing traps, and accessories
  • Unique 3D art style, cool ambient settings, original music, make you feel like you're in ancient times
  • Wear cool accessories
  • Challenge your reflexeses, this is not your typical mobile game

How can I contact Finger Fun Games?

Fill out the contact form on our website or email us at contact@fingerfungames.com